Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trip to the ER

What an eventful Monday night we had! Last night as we were giving the boys their bath, Thomas began getting shooting pains in his jaw. Every few minutes he would start complaining about his pain which worried me a little because he is never one to complain! After about an hour of this, he suddenly lost complete use of his left arm and leg and collapsed on the floor. As you could imagine, I started to panic! I yelled down the stairs to have his nephews come help him up off the floor and carry him to bed. After about 5 minutes of watching his symptoms get worse and having no clue as to why this was happening, I drove him to the hospital. 

He began complaining more and more on the drive about how much pain he was in and his words began to slur as he passed out a few times. I began imagining what my life would be like if I lost him. How on earth I would be able to raise my 3 babies without him. How sad I would be for them to lose their dad and grow up without him and of course how I literally wouldn't be able to live without him. He's my other half and I could never function with out him! I don't think I have honestly been more scared in my life. And thinking that just hours ago he was completely fine scared me the most. Because what could this be to come on so fast and literally take over his body like it did? I was obviously thinking the worse and just praying with everything I had in me that he would be ok.

When we finally got there, I ran in and grabbed a wheelchair, pulled him out of the car and wheeled him inside. He was slouching all the way over with his head on his lap as the nurse asked him questions about his symptoms. By this point he wasn't able to speak so I tried to answer for him the best I could. 

We waited about 1 1/2 hours for someone to help him. This gave me even more time to sit and worry and watch as he slowly got worse and worse. I began looking all around the room at all the other patients waiting to be helped just to try to take my mind off what was going on with my husband. There was a little old lady with a head full of white hair that had been brought in from an ambulance. She sat in a corner alone by herself. I began to wonder what brought her here and why she was alone. Why no one was there with her. She had the saddest look in her eyes and I just wanted to go over and give her a hug. The waiting room was depressing me even more so I stopped looking at all the sad/sick patients and tried to direct my attention to the TV.

That is.. until this woman named Jill rolled inside. She was cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. And let me not forget to mention, Jill was also a patient waiting to be helped. She was holding her leg up in the air and her foot was completely turned around and nearly dangling off! I couldn't help but stare! I had never seen anything so gross in real life and I couldn't believe she wasn't screaming her head off! She fell rock climbing and literally snapped her ankle in half. She started asking everyone if they had seen the fights where Anderson Silva's leg broke his leg and then began singing "Silva and gold...Sliva and gold" I was literally laughing out loud by this point. This poor lady was in so much shock! I was hoping it wouldn't ware off while we were still in the room. Then FINALLY a nurse called Thomas's name.

Two different doctors saw Thomas and the second one was able to get down to exactly what had caused this. He first asked Thomas if he was allergic to anything (insinuating medicine) to which Thomas responded "Cats!" haha. The doctor laughed and said "Shoot! Well we would be able to fix your problem, but since you're allergic to cat's I think you're on your own!" ;)
 After about 2 minutes of talking to us, he said "I know exactly what you need! You need a dentist!" A What?? How was a dentist going to get his leg and arms feeling back?! But after he explained his diagnosis, it all made sense.

About 9 months ago, Thomas's back tooth broke in half but he had never taken care of it. Occasionally, his tooth would hurt and bother him. For months and months he's been having random fevers, ear aches (on the same side as his broken tooth) and other uncomfortable symptoms. Last night his jaw began hurting because his tooth was so infected that it was now spreading through his body. The doctor pushed behind his neck and asked if he was feeling pain back there. He winced and nodded his head that yes, that's where most of the pain was. The doctor then went on to say that the infection had pinched a nerve in his left side causing him to lose function of his limbs (weird!) And this my friends is what happens when you procrastinate something that could have been a simple visit to the dentist!

I was thrilled that my husband wasn't dying! (Yay!) A little angry that we hadn't taken care of his tooth sooner and that it came down to ending him up in the emergency room, but happy that a few pills and a dentist would solve his problem! The doctor did say however that we needed to bring him in to get him those antibiotics to fight off his infection. Infection is never something you want to mess with! Especially when it has spread as badly as his did.

When we got home, he still had no use of his leg so his nephews had to carry him up the stairs. This time, everyone was laughing and cracking jokes knowing his life wasn't in danger. His pain killers had kicked in as well so he was saying some ridiculous things ;)

Oh do you like that blue towel hanging out of his mouth? He refused to leave the house without it and it sat clenched in his mouth the entire stay at the hospital.

 Sometimes it takes something tragic to happen before we realize what really matters in life- I went to bed a little more grateful for him then ever before. We have no guarantees in this life and you never know when yours or a loved ones time is up. So whoever you love, give them an extra hug today or let them know you love them! I don't ever want to take a minute of time spent with my loved ones for granted. 


Monday, December 30, 2013

City Creek Fun!

It has been months and months since our family has taken a trip to City Creek and oh how I've missed it! I'm so glad all the Christmas decorations were still up because I was bummed we never made it there for Christmas shopping. 

Our main purpose in going today was to take our nephews since they have never been. Oh and for those who didn't already know, his nephews are officially apart of our family! December 12th (the day Miloh was born) we got a phone call in the hospital only hours after giving birth that we had full custody of two of Thomas's nephews Toma and Tristan. Big day for us going from 2 to 5 children, but we wouldn't want it any other way! We've been fighting for this to happen for a few months now so we were excited to hear the news! 

Simon and Cohen A.D.O.R.E their cousins and honestly go to them before they come to me sometimes. Having 4 adults also comes in handy when running around with our little turkey's to! (Especially when we go to a huge mall and realize when we get there that we forgot their strollers. We played pass-around-the-babies the whole time!)

Our boys LOVE the play land at City Creek and ran, screamed and played with every single item on the playground. Taking twins to a play land has got to be one of the funniest things in the world. Every single time (without fail) one of the twins will be playing on a toy and someone will see him then all of a sudden see his twin on the opposite side and get so freaked out like he time traveled there or something. Then of course they'll see both of them together and say "Oooh I get it, they're twins!" Honestly. I've never gone to a mall without that happening! 

I love walking behind and listening to all the darling comments people say about our twins as they walk past. Everyone comments "Oh my gosh TWINS!" or comments on how adorable they are. I honestly never knew how big of hits twins were until I scored myself a pair!

Looking at the fishy's

Here's Cohen when we put him near the window on the bridge. Oh he loved it so much he had to lick it! 

And get his eyes as close as he could!

Here's Simon's reaction..

 Haha... he HATES heights.. I think he gets it from his mama. He wouldn't even turn around to look out the window! These twinners sure have different personalities! 

Boys came home and had their baths and of course, kisses all around! 


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Funday

Oh what's this? A new blog? I have about 10 but oddly I have never had one dedicated to the most important part of my life; My family.
This really is to just keep record of happy and memorable times we have together because as much as I'd like to pretend, I'm horrible at keeping journals of my life. This is better anyway because theres pictures involved. ;)
I would never be surprised if my eyes were the only ones that ever read this. However, I do have some good looking babes so feel free to stalk! 

Today started out how just about every day does.. the boys climbing into bed with us getting their morning snuggles. Daddy's been searching for a timeshare for us to stay in for our vacation we have planned in the next few weeks, and Cohen loved helping him pick one out that would suit us perfectly. Right on the beach! (Can't wait!!)

If you're a parent to twins, I'm sure you can relate and say we honestly have no schedule. I'm jealous of every mom who has a perfect schedule their babies follow to a T. (Really jealous). My kids sometimes have baths in the morning, sometimes at night, and I'll be honest sometimes we forget to bathe them. (oops.) Today started out with Simon making a huge mess on himself and Cohen so guess what? They got baths! Sometimes I think they are messy on purpose because they are obsessed with the bath. We have to keep the bathroom door locked at all times because they'll go sit in the tub with their clothes on and turn the water on. 

Simon's hair is just amazing in this picture by the way.

Butt shots ;)
They love bath time even more now with their fun bath letters they got from their Uncle Josh for Christmas!

While getting little Miloh ready for church, I heard the biggest amounts of laughter coming from the hallway. So glad I had my camera to snap a few pictures of them laying smooches on each other! 

Then laughing their heads off and doing it over and over again!

Baby Miloh doing what he does best... 
I love this age. So easy.. Why do we wish them to grow up so fast? I'll take a newborn any day of the week.

 Off to church!
I really worried almost every day how these little monsters would react to a new baby around all the time. I've been so pleasantly surprised to see they not only adore their little brother, they're honestly obsessed with him to the point I have to constantly protect him from their strong hugs (or in other words, laying on top of him, sitting on him etc.) 

Simon trying to be gentle.. It's so hard for them to not just lay on him!

Sunday cuddles with little Miloh. It's funny that within 1 split second of hearing their first cry, you can't remember life without them. How did I ever live without this sweet little boy? Now that I have him here with his brothers I know I couldn't live without any of them. I think I found my calling in life of being a mommy!