Friday, January 10, 2014

Behind the scenes

With Thomas having a few fights coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little spotlight on his fighting past and where he got started. Fighting isn't something he JUST started doing, although this past year of fights was his first time fighting in a ring. Since he can even remember, he's been training in Martial Arts. His older brother Bobby (who was 13 years older than him) had his own studio and he would train there every day. At the age of only 6, Thomas would go around selling candy bars with his other siblings to help Bobby get more business into his studio. They would sell a candy bar for $5 but it included a free month pass to Bobby's gym. Bobby would get Thomas to do back flips off cars and any other ninja moves to show his ability of training. Bobby eventually had a thriving gym and he taught there every day until he passed away at the young age of 24. I didn't know Thomas at the time of Bobby's passing but I know hundreds and hundreds of people came to his funeral to offer their respects. He touched so many lives and I love nothing more than to run into people with Thomas that knew Bobby and hear the wonderful things they have to say about him. Bobby knew Thomas would be an elite fighter when he grew up and I think he would be proud to see where he is today.

It wasn't until the age of 14 when Thomas's family made the move from Reno Nevada to Utah that he started training MMA. His next-door neighbor saw Thomas walking home from school one day with a black eye and he asked him if he got in a fight to which Thomas agreed. He then went on to tell him that he owned a MMA studio and invited him to come train and learn how to defend himself. Thomas responded with "That crap doesn't work! I've been fighting Karate for 10 years and I got my butt kicked!" His neighbor laughed and said "What I teach isn't karate, I teach stuff like this" as he proceeded to kick a tree as hard as he could with his shin. Thomas shouted excitedly "Holy crap! I wanna learn how to do that!!" And so it began.. His neighbor allowed him to mow his lawn as a trade for classes and he's been fighting ever since!

Thomas has always had a love for fighting. It's not a sport for everyone and there's a lot more that goes into it then most people would think. Between the daily training and conditioning, to strict eating, cutting 15lbs  one day before the fight, and then obviously the mental aspect that's involved; I have respect for every fighter that can step inside of a ring. It's not an easy thing to do! Thomas has yet to lose and now has 5 fights under his belt, but in no way do I believe he is invincible. Winning isn't something we pray for before his fights, rather that he preforms to the best of his ability. 

With that being said, I get asked at every fight of his "How can you watch his fights?" And honestly.. if I really could I would sit home curled in a ball and wait for him to come home to tell me how his fight went. I think all fighters wives/girlfriends would agree and say watching your loved one in a ring fighting in front of thousands of people is probably the hardest thing to do. I go because this is something he loves and I will always support my husband in anything he ever loved to do. Some days I just wonder WHY it had to be fighting ;)

 Thomas is extremely talented in Skateboarding and Snowboarding as well and since I've known him he's been sponsored in both sports. Watching him compete in snowboarding and go over 100 ft jumps is honestly JUST as nerve racking as watching him fight. I had to learn at a young age that if I wanted to be with this kid, I would have to deal with his love of intense sports.

This is something that will be apart of our lives forever. He will eventually have a belt and that's something I have no doubt about. When he wants something, he goes after it until it's his. His amateur days are slowly coming to an end and before we know it, we'll be watching him as the main event in the UFC. I'm so beyond proud of him and every accomplishment he has achieved so far! What a lucky girl I am to have married such a determined and hard working soul. 
Love you Thomas!!

Thomas's family. Yes- he has 8 brothers and 3 sisters! Bobby is the tall brother in the back and Thomas in the bottom left corner

Meeting Uriah Faber at the worlds first MMA draft

Thomas would honestly give all of his credit to his manager Jarrett (right) for where he is today. 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Something we're all guilty of

All my littles have finally gone down for the night and this week I have felt extremely grateful to have been blessed with each of their little souls! It really hasn't dawned on me until tonight how much our twinners have grown (physically and mentally) since we welcomed them to this world nearly 2 years ago!

 The things a child learns between infancy and 21 months is mind blowing! Watching how helpless baby Miloh is and then seeing toddlers with this sense of dependency is incredible. So much learning and soaking up goes on in their little minds the first few years of life. If only we still observed the way we did when we had no other choice. I think we would all be geniuses! 
I've made it a point this week to spend more time with my littles. Working from home sometimes takes over most of my time and this week I have really paid attention to the things they know and the things they can say and do! part of me looks at them and asks "When did they learn how to do that?" Like I missed something. They grow up way to fast and I don't want to miss a moment of it!

It is in my blood to work and be constantly moving forward. You will never find me sitting down doing absolutely nothing. And if I am sitting, I will most likely have a pen and paper in hand writing down some type of new idea I have! While this can be a positive attribute, I have found sometimes it distracts me from simply >>being<< with people. This year me and Thomas have made a goal to spend more time with just each other and each night when the kids have gone down for bed we have utilized this time to be together. I have not allowed myself to bring my laptop and other distractions (which actually was really hard for me at first to not have SOMETHING going on at my fingertips) but it has been one of my favorite changes I have made this year. Spending time with my husband and being there 100% and not partially there and partially somewhere else has been refreshing. 

Something that I think we all as human beings could work on is not being so caught up in constantly having such distractions on us all the time. Use these devices as they should be used- sparingly and not enslave us from living an actual life. We seem to live vicariously through others and forget to live ourselves.

Some randoms from this week


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Eve!

New Years Eve day started out a little chaotic here at the Hughes house. Thomas was still extremely sick from the night before and I had to run and fill his prescriptions first thing in the morning. After everyone was awake, Cohen slipped and smacked his eye right on the corner of the coffee table in the living room. I have never heard him cry so hard in my life and it broke my heart! Thankfully, it cut him right below the eye and not actually IN his eye or he very easily would have done some serious damage! 

With Thomas in the condition he was, and just having our 3rd little one, we really didn't want to go out and do anything too crazy! We packed the kid's in the car and headed to my parents house for a fun and relaxed night. We planned on playing games but half of my siblings didn't come and Thomas was asleep for most of the night. We instead spent the night watching our boys run around and get into all sorts of shenanigans like always!

The boys had so much fun on Grandmas new reclining chair! Once they realized it also spun, they wouldn't get off of it!

Simon showing Grandpa how he get's excited!

Then they had a burping contest

Here the boys are beating up their one-legged gramps!

Every time the kiddos come to my parents, my mom gets out all of our old toys. That little cash register was my FAVORITE toy in the world as a child. So cute to watch my babies play with the same toys I loved growing up!

This was the highlight of the night! My mom taught Cohen how to count to six using toy cars!
(Well, he can at least say the word "six" really good anyway) 

Baby Miloh zonked for the night

Same with Daddy.. He still hasn't felt so hot since last night's episode that landed him in the ER so he basically slept the entire night

Boys putting their toys away.
These little turkey's stayed up the entire time! At midnight they still had the same amount of energy as they did at 7pm!

Finally home and OUT like a light!!
Happy New Years to all... and to all a good night!