Thursday, June 5, 2014

What we're up to!

Trials are something that have been on my mind lately. Whether it's my own trials, or hearing about the trials of others, I've really found myself in deep thought on the subject. Here's what I've come to find through study and prayer.
Every trial in life is meant to make us stronger. To build us up, to strengthen our testimony, and in some cases, to strengthen the testimony's of others. Just remember that! Every. single. trial. has reason and purpose. With our mortal blinders on, it's hard for us to see the entire reason behind trials. 

   The purpose of this life is to be tested. To prove to our Heavenly Father that with faith, keeping the Commandments, and following Christ's teaching, we can make it back to live with him. But we have to do this through faith and faith alone. The only way to be tested is to experience hardships and happiness. To feel sorrow, so we can better understand joy. There is opposition in ALL things. And we have to prove to our Heavenly Father that even through the deepest and hardest trials, we will rise above and overcome. 

I can't even count how many incredible heart felt messages I've received over the past few weeks. People thanking me for sharing my testimony, for being strong when they thought it impossible. For strengthening their testimony by simply sharing mine.. I have seen how many people have been touched by this event in our life. I know our Heavenly Father needed Miloh on the other side for bigger and better things, but why not also use his story to teach and to strengthen those that are still here in this life. 

We are all placed on this earth at a specific time. A time where our talents and abilities can be used to the fullest to help others along their mortal journey. We are God's instruments, and he uses us to help each other. To lift each others burdens. To strengthen one another. To be there for one another. I know this to be true simply because I could not have made it through these last few weeks without all of the family and friends that surrounded us. Without them, and all the prayers given in our behalf.. I think it's safe to say I would not have ever gotten out of bed. I also have found comfort in reading others blogs.. One of my favorites is from Al Fox- She never fails to post something that I needed to read that day (and the link I tagged of her's was definitely something I was needing to read today). I'm so grateful for everyone who shares their heart through blogs or other social media sites. It's not an easy thing to do, but you can strengthen thousands by doing so.

Switching gears a little bit.. this is what the Hughes fam has been up to this week!

This week we have found ourselves lost in a little project. We've probably spent an unhealthy amount of time on this thing every day, but I really think it's been good for us. Our little camper Lola is getting a revamp! And I think we all know why we chose the color we did ;)

Still not all the way done, but looking mighty cute!

The inside is coming along as well! We basically gutted it, taped off the stove and fridge and took a paint gun to the entire thing. 

We've really made this a family project. Which means little Simon & Cohen have helped all along the way. It has taken us longer by including them, but we have already made so many great memories. This summer is going to be filled with adventures! Thomas is already working on installing the new floors, so stay tuned for the full "after" pictures!