Monday, October 3, 2016


ITS FINALLY HERE! The long awaited bedroom reveal we've been promising to put up for weeks now! Every time I thought "ok, I think it's FINALLY complete", I kept finding things that would bother me. Like our huge blank white wall for instance! SO, I'm sorry it's taken a little while longer to get this posted but i'm officially 100% happy with how everything turned out!

Our room is pretty dark since we have small windows and no light comes in because of all the trees, so I thought the best way to brighten up our space is to choose light paint colors, fixtures and furniture! We were really going for a more minimalistic/simplified concept for this space and I feel we definitely accomplished that! The simple pieces in our room really tied the entire space together and I love how it turned out!!

We unfortunately lost our memory card that had all of our before photos on it BUT, we do have our video tour on our youtube channel so if you'd like to check out the entire space before, click this link to watch- (click here)

 **One of my favorite interior design tips when it comes to making your room appear taller, is to hang your curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible! This really made a huge difference in our space and makes our ceilings appear much higher than they really are!**

Picture frames: Walmart- (spray painted gold)
Letter board: Letterfolk
Mirror: Target
Bed: RC Willey
Pillows: At Home
Bench: At Home
End tables: At Home
Curtains/Curtain rod: At Home
Light Fixtures: (These were already in our room when we bought the house but we spray painted them gold!)



  1. Very beautiful and elegant! Definitely going to hang the curtains high!!!!!!

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