Tuesday, November 22, 2016


 Christmas arrived at the Hughes house!! I know to most of the world, this is early to get started but anyone who knows me, knows this is SUPER late for me to get decorations up! I'm one of those who comes home on Halloween night and starts putting up my tree because I just want the spirit of Christmas to last as long as it possibly can in our home! For those who follow me on social media, you probably saw our little mis-hap when I was putting the tree up last night! It completely fell on it's face RIGHT as I was putting the last ornament on! (AHHH!) Has this ever happened to anyone else?! We had to buy a new tree since our tree last year was about 14ft  and would look a little bit ridiculous in this space, so we found one that looked identical to our last tree from Tai Pan but 7.5 feet! AND it was $1,100 cheaper, so thats always a plus!

On a side note, I get asked all the time why I decorate so early and if I hate thanksgiving! NO, I don't hate Thanksgiving! In fact thats one of my favorite holidays! There's just no anticipation for Thanksgiving like there is Christmas! You don't wait all year for your favorite Thanksgiving shows to appear on Hallmark, or go do fun outings with your family in preparation for Thanksgiving like we do Halloween and Christmas! I don't deck my halls in turkeys, and because I decorate for Fall so early, I'm a little sick of it by the time Halloween actually gets here! So 2 months of our home decked in Christmas decor still seems like not enough for me! 

We have had a LOT of construction happening at our house this week but even with an absolute disaster going on upstairs, I couldn't wait one more second to make our new home feel festive! And when I say a lot of construction, i'm talkin we don't have a kitchen, walls or floors right now ha!

( just so you have an idea, here is what the other view of our room is hahah)

I've already had tons of questions about where some of our decorations have come from so I made sure to include all the links below!

Christmas Tree: WALMART
All ornaments/ribbon: Tai Pan
Christmas Pillows: At Home
Stockings: Tai Pan


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  1. Which tree is this? I know you said it's from Walmart, but I can't figure out which one. Thanks!