Hi guys! My name is Ashley Hughes, I am 27 years old and married to my high school sweetheart Thomas Hughes. We have 3 precious little boys- Simon & Cohen who are 4 year old identical twins, Miloh (who would be 2) and we're expecting our rainbow baby in 2017!
Our short 4 years of married life have had many unexpected challenges and trials. We lost our 5 month old son Miloh to SIDS in May of 2014 and there are no words to express the pain and agony of such a trial. Part of the way we have coped with his loss is to continually talk and write about him, which we do often. We don't want anyone to ever forget he was here, and that we are still parents of 3 even though the world only sees us holding 2 children in our arms.

We've recently moved from our dream home into a much smaller fixer upper, but it's perfect for our little growing family and we already have made so many fun memories in this home!
This blog is about our family life and the fun things we do together as well as weekly Vlogs as we film parts of our life and share them with you. We hope you enjoy reading/ watching as much as we enjoy creating it!

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To read our story of his loss, go here


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