Thursday, October 18, 2018

Halloween Dinner + Dessert Ideas

This is a dinner I look forward to whipping up for my family each year! Nothing is more festive than our Chicken "Boo-dle" soup, served with pumpkin rolls and warm apple cider!

And also as a bonus I share with you my favorite dessert that I love to make for family and friends during the fall months when theres a plethora of candy corn at the store! 
(You'll be SHOCKED at how delicious these treats are)

I wanted to give a little more detailed instructions for a few of these recipes that I didn't talk about in the video!

16 oz Peanut Butter
1 bag of Candy Corn
1 bag Chocolate Melts (You can find these usually in the party section)

tip: You want to mix together the same parts peanut butter to candy corn. example/ 16 oz candy corn- 16 oz peanut butter. If you're taking these somewhere, DOUBLE the recipe! I promise these will go FAST!!

1. Melt Candy corn (30 second increments and stir)
2. Stir in entire jar of PB right away while the candy corn is soft and hot!
3. Spread in cookie sheet, cut into squares and let it sit in the fridge until they're hard. (usually around 30 minutes)
***Do NOT melt chocolate until the bars are ready to go!***
4. Melt chocolate in microwave 20/30 seconds at a time. Stir
5. Once melted, dip bars into chocolate and let the chocolate harden.

- Rhodes Rolls
- Pecans

De-thaw for 2 hours
Cut little slits around the roll and poke a hole in the center
Bake 9 on a sheet (you don't want them touching)
For finishing touch, add pecans for stems

- Your favorite chicken noodle soup recipe, but exchange your typical    noodles for bow-tie
- Black food coloring
- Large carrots 

1. Cook noodles until they are barely soft
2. Drain them, place noodles in zip lock bag.
3. pour in black food coloring, shake well 
4. let them sit in the bag for at least an hour
5. Cut up carrots in the shape of a pumpkin
6. Drain noodles again (Let water run over them through a strainer)
7. add to your Chicken "BOO-dle" soup! ;)


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Farmhouse Fall Dollar Store DIY

I'm so excited to share these fall DIY decor ideas that would go perfect for any fall or Thanksgiving decor in your home! 
These ideas are great for anyone who loves the farmhouse style, and loves those fall touches without those bright colors.

Watch the full tutorial here


Dollar Store Halloween DIY

This was such a fun DIY to create for you guys! I'm excited to share some of these fun, festive and affordable ways to decorate your home for Halloween without breaking the bank! 

Watch full tutorial for all my ideas!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016


 Christmas arrived at the Hughes house!! I know to most of the world, this is early to get started but anyone who knows me, knows this is SUPER late for me to get decorations up! I'm one of those who comes home on Halloween night and starts putting up my tree because I just want the spirit of Christmas to last as long as it possibly can in our home! For those who follow me on social media, you probably saw our little mis-hap when I was putting the tree up last night! It completely fell on it's face RIGHT as I was putting the last ornament on! (AHHH!) Has this ever happened to anyone else?! We had to buy a new tree since our tree last year was about 14ft  and would look a little bit ridiculous in this space, so we found one that looked identical to our last tree from Tai Pan but 7.5 feet! AND it was $1,100 cheaper, so thats always a plus!

On a side note, I get asked all the time why I decorate so early and if I hate thanksgiving! NO, I don't hate Thanksgiving! In fact thats one of my favorite holidays! There's just no anticipation for Thanksgiving like there is Christmas! You don't wait all year for your favorite Thanksgiving shows to appear on Hallmark, or go do fun outings with your family in preparation for Thanksgiving like we do Halloween and Christmas! I don't deck my halls in turkeys, and because I decorate for Fall so early, I'm a little sick of it by the time Halloween actually gets here! So 2 months of our home decked in Christmas decor still seems like not enough for me! 

We have had a LOT of construction happening at our house this week but even with an absolute disaster going on upstairs, I couldn't wait one more second to make our new home feel festive! And when I say a lot of construction, i'm talkin we don't have a kitchen, walls or floors right now ha!

( just so you have an idea, here is what the other view of our room is hahah)

I've already had tons of questions about where some of our decorations have come from so I made sure to include all the links below!

Christmas Tree: WALMART
All ornaments/ribbon: Tai Pan
Christmas Pillows: At Home
Stockings: Tai Pan


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Simon & Cohen's Bedroom Reveal

Can I just say, it's a lot more fun to think about remodeling than it is to actually LIVE in a home your renovating?! I feel like it's taken us forever to finish any room because we are so bad at fully completing projects before we start on the next one! (Anyone else guilt of that?) 

The boys room was actually one of the firsts we started on! Just because their bed came the first week we were here. And let me tell you... it was a TIGHT fit! We didn't think to measure but the bed literally comes up against the door frame which could have been a close one! Something that I loved about this bed though was the fact there are 7 drawers built into it and 3 shelves! With such a tiny space, I knew fitting a dresser in there room would have made it that much tighter! So when looking at the price, consider the fact you won't need to be buying an entire room set up with it!

 Speaking of the bed, we have had a billion questions about it so I made sure to include the link to where you can get this awesome bed for yourself! We found it on and it was actually $1,000 MORE than at our local furniture store (dang!!) So glad we saw it there and snagged it up when we did! I've noticed they also sell out quite frequently, so if you want it, be sure to order it ASAP!

ALSO, if you are local to RC Willey stores, It's SO worth it to pay the $50 fee (it's a yearly fee you can choose to pay- it doesn't automatically charge you each year), BUT, by paying that fee you get free delivery for a year AND they will build/instal anything you buy from them! That SAVED us on putting this bed together! It took 3 guys 3 hours to put it together so that alone made it worth it!

I mentioned yesterday how in love I am with these awesome bedspreads too so if you follow me on instagram or facebook, i'm sure you saw that! If not, these bedspreads are from Beddy's Bed's and they actually zip up! They are SUPER helpful to have for kids and especially bunk beds! Everyone knows what a nightmare it is to make bunk beds each day! and RIGHT NOW, they have a BOGO deal on their site!! Buy a beddy's and get one 1/2 off! That's a KILLER deal especially when needing multiple! Make sure you guys don't miss out on that special for a limited time!

Bunk Bed: RC Willey HERE
Beddy's Zip Up Bedding: HERE
Christmas Tree & Ornaments: At Home
Giraffe: At Home
Book Racks: (spice racks from Ikea) HERE
Chevron Wooden Arrows: Hobby Lobby (SIMILAR HERE)
S & C: Hobby Lobby (SIMILAR HERE)
Canvases: HERE


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kuwahara Pumpkin Patch

I know you all may be sick of seeing pumpkin patch pictures from us, but I had to share more photos from our fun trip to Kuwahara farms yesterday! If you have yet to go, trust me when I say you will regret not going this year (even if it's a bit of a drive for you!) 
They have everything from halloween bounce houses to a few different themed green houses filled with a variety of colored pumpkins! It's definetly a must see and I can't wait to hear all about your own experience if you decide to go! <3

As for outfits, I've had a lot of questions lately about the boys' style and where I usually shop for them! To answer that question, I would say MOSTLY H&M! I have however found a TON of cute stuff from target lately so keep your eye open when you do your next target run!

Their jackets are from H&M (the black hood is part of the jacket) but I searched everywhere on their website and couldn't find it on there yet! They are new as of this week, so I'm sure they will be on their websites any day now!
Pants: (here) - my boys are 4, they wear size 2 in these jeans
Beanies: (here) - we always buy adult saggy beanies for them ;)

My cardigan/sweater: (here)
Maternity jeans: (here)
Black turtle neck: (similar here)


Monday, October 3, 2016


ITS FINALLY HERE! The long awaited bedroom reveal we've been promising to put up for weeks now! Every time I thought "ok, I think it's FINALLY complete", I kept finding things that would bother me. Like our huge blank white wall for instance! SO, I'm sorry it's taken a little while longer to get this posted but i'm officially 100% happy with how everything turned out!

Our room is pretty dark since we have small windows and no light comes in because of all the trees, so I thought the best way to brighten up our space is to choose light paint colors, fixtures and furniture! We were really going for a more minimalistic/simplified concept for this space and I feel we definitely accomplished that! The simple pieces in our room really tied the entire space together and I love how it turned out!!

We unfortunately lost our memory card that had all of our before photos on it BUT, we do have our video tour on our youtube channel so if you'd like to check out the entire space before, click this link to watch- (click here)

 **One of my favorite interior design tips when it comes to making your room appear taller, is to hang your curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible! This really made a huge difference in our space and makes our ceilings appear much higher than they really are!**

Picture frames: Walmart- (spray painted gold)
Letter board: Letterfolk
Mirror: Target
Bed: RC Willey
Pillows: At Home
Bench: At Home
End tables: At Home
Curtains/Curtain rod: At Home
Light Fixtures: (These were already in our room when we bought the house but we spray painted them gold!)